A fashionista that puts the "style" in "battle style."


Pokémon Team:

Charmander (Level 5)


Medina is another of the many young people in New Ocean Town because their parents moved. After all, they had to follow the job opportunities provided by Guanacaste Labs and the sprouting businesses around it. It’s only natural to live where one can provide the best life possible to one’s family.

But Medina misses the Emerald City skyline, the hustle and bustle of city life, and the hip and modern world she left behind. New OT is just so… backwater. Lackluster. She’s used to a life of luxury and fashion, and living in a place so inundated with nature is just the the worst.

When she had the chance to sign up for the Guanacaste Trainer Academy, she jumped upon the opportunity. At thirteen, she might be one of the youngest trainees at the academy, but her aptitude is what secures her spot.

Medina is on a mission of compassion; to bring style to those less fortunate than her. Because they look so lame, you know? It’s so sad.


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