Professor Viria Guanacaste

Pokémon Professor of the Costa Region


Age: 31

Physical Description: A sturdily built person of medium height, with small glasses that constantly slip down. Her hair is extremely gray for someone her age, and the wrinkles beginning to show on her face give her an appearance of kindness.

She can typically be found wearing a grey tank-top and khaki pants, with a lab coat draped over her shoulders.


Seven years ago, Viria Guanacaste returned to Costa from her time abroad. She had left to study Pokémon with famous researchers the world over, and had earned a name for herself as quite the expert, herself.

In fact, she is the world-renowned expert on a unique Pokémon phenomenon which has so-far only been documented in the Costa region: Poké-Mutation. Her research on the topic is what earned her the recognition of her peers and predecessors. With that fame, she returned to Costa and established her own research facility, Guanacaste Labs, in New Ocean Town.

The Costan Pokémon League, established roughly one year prior to the arrival of Professor Guanacaste, provides grants and funding for all of the Professor’s research. In return, as League’s official Poké-Prof, she performs various duties. Those duties often include providing young trainers with their first Pokémon and teaching those trainers the basics of Pokémon care and training.

Viria has always had a soft spot for children, and she never quite had the chance to settle down with all the important work she’s been doing, so she doesn’t mind it so much. In fact, she takes to such duties with aplomb, and each of the pokémon that she provides to new trainers has either been hand-caught or bred by either herself or one of her trusted staff members.

Professor Viria Guanacaste

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