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You've explored intimately the regions of Kanto and Johto. You've visited tropical Hoenn and frigid Sinnoh. You've journeyed far and wide to strange locales such as Unova, Kalos, and Alola. 
But the Pokémon world is massive, and contains hundreds more regions full of strange pokémon and wild mysteries to uncover!

So, take a trip to the Costa region— and experience the world through the eyes of Costan trainers and pokémon. Though ours is a small region around the equator, Costa is rapidly putting itself on the map. Seven years ago, the renowned pokémon professor Viria Guanacaste opened her home laboratory in western Costa. Through her influence, the Costa region also created its own Pokémon League challenge, which began accepting challengers five years ago. Think you're a hot-shot pokémon battler? Our gym leaders and champions will give you a fight you'll not forget!

Besides its burgeoning presence in the global Pokémon battling scene, Costa possesses more biodiversity than many of the world's regions. Several of the strange and unique phenomena that have occured around the world can also be found in Costa, including regional forms, mega-evolution, and a special Costa-unique characteristic: Poké-Mutation. We have vast natural forests and clean rivers, granting plentiful space for pokémon to live happily in the wild and miles upon miles for trainers to explore.

We have beautiful mountains and volcanoes, featuring Skytop Mountain, our tallest peak! In the south are the majestic and mysterious Temple Ruins! And, of course, our capitol of Emerald City is a true gem, located in the central valley of the Costa region. Great thinkers, the latest trends, and all the best shopping can be found there. And that's not even mentioning the beautiful beach resorts that dot our coastlines!

Truly, Costa has something for everyone! So plan your next vacation with us, CTV, Costa  Travel & Vacation.
And, as we say in Costa: "Poké-Vida!" Hope to see you soon!

Home Page

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